A guide to Outdoor Solar Lights

Solar Spot Lights


Solar Spot Lights have recently enjoyed advances in solar light technology. Longer lasting batteries, advanced solar cell design, and efficient LED (light emitting diodes) have made solar spot lights and solar flood lights comparable and even better than low voltage comparisons. This article from Solar Lights Outdoor focuses on some of the advantages solar spot lights have over other types of lighting.

Aside from the regular benefits such as zero energy costs, no wires and easy installation that Solar Lights Outdoor has mentioned so often, there are other perhaps less obvious benefits. For example solar spot lights have a longer lifespan than their low voltage counterparts. While normal lighting options generally last up to 2 years before requiring the bulb to be changed, solar spot lights can last up to an astounding 12 years! NatSolar Spot Lightsurally, virtually all models are waterproof and designed to withstand most weather conditions.

Solar spot lights come in many different varieties. Single light models, dual light models, and even 40 to 100+ LED solar flood light kinds. These high powered solar spot lights are extremely bright and provide as much light as low voltage types. Since many solar spot lights come packaged with a motion detection attachment, they are becoming increasingly popular for security applications.

Due to the increased popularity, consumers are offered some amazing packages of solar spot lights. As mentioned they often come bundled in groups of two or more spot lights. Even better, the solar panel that collects the sun’s energy can frequently be placed up to 15 feet from where you position your solar spot lights. This means you can place the panel in places that are sure to collect as much solar energy as possible.

Other than security purposes, solar spot lights have many other uses as well. They can light up stairs or driveways and shine directly on address numbers. You can set them up to highlight certain features of your yard such as fountains, gazebos and fruit trees. Setting up solar spot lights to accent your favorite flower garden can add that majestic look that it was missing. Of course while aesthetically pleasing the feeling of safety from having a well lit sanctuary cannot be overlooked.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Solar Lights Outdoor sincerely hopes you found this article on solar spot lights helpful.