A guide to Outdoor Solar Lights

Floating Pool Lights


Floating Pool LightsFloating pool lights! Have you ever thought of having a pool party at night, but was concerned it was just too dark to enjoy one? Not only is the dark uncomfortably scary for kids but it can be very dangerous if you’re outdoors. Well your solution is here! Solar Lights Outdoor takes a look at floating pool lights.  

 Floating pool lights are quick and easy to install and 100% safe! No wires or cords so you don’t have to worry about harmful contact between water and electricity. The great thing about solar lights outdoor is there are no energy costs; you only have to remember to ensure your solar floating pool lights are outdoors getting direct sunlight during the day time.

 Floating pool Lights are convenient for pools and ponds. Some people prefer to have their solar pool lights outlining the circumference of the pool or pond area however Solar Lights Outdoor think they light up the water itself even better. Floating pool lights come in a variety of designs and sizes and within a wide range of colors. You can even purchase solar lights that are color changing! These rounded (and obviously waterproof) lights will stay on all night long (8 – 10 hours) for your comfort and safety!

 There are numerous benefits to solar lights outdoor floating pool lights. For example, despite their small size, they are very powerful lights easily matching the brightness of regular solar deck lights. Many floating pool lights emit enough light to see your children swimming even from your deck or a window. Not to mention the kids would have a lot more fun because they would be able to see better even on the darkest of nights.

 Another example would be a pool party which we at Solar Lights Outdoor love! Your floating pool lights would enable you to make eye contact and see who you were talking to, and you would be able to find your drink exactly where you left it.

 Floating pool lights placed in a pond provide an enchanting feel to your regular garden pond, that you can enjoy from your bedroom or kitchen window. Solar Lights Outdoor considers floating pool lights some of the coolest and unique solar lights available.